We have a show date!

    Tune in this Sunday, the 15th of September, at 7PM EDT for the 2013 Quill Awards! The Blue Carpet pre-show will start promptly, followed by the ceremony at 8 pm. Be there and celebrate the amazing year in YA!


Vote for the Countdown Award!

    The 2013 Quill Awards is giving out seventeen different awards. Sixteen of those award winners are chosen by our highly specialized Coterie; however, it only makes sense to have the fans vote for the final award. So take a moment, try to control your giddiness at reading these book titles, and cast your vote! And when you're done with that, go force ask your friends to vote too.

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Poll closes midnight May 28th.

2013 Nominees

    And the nominees are...

    Visit our Nominees page now to check out which books are up for a Golden Quill! You might notice that our Countdown award's nominees are not listed. That is because the nominees for that award will be revealed tomorrow when open voting will begin. Yup, you read that last bit right. Although most (all but one) of our awards will have closed voting to members of The Coterie, our Countdown award will be chosen by the fans. So be sure to check back tomorrow and vote!

A New Type of Awards Show is Born

It's no secret that the Young Adult literary sphere is often under appreciated. The book community in general is lacking the respect it deserves for such a diverse and rich collection of art. There are multiple award shows celebrating film, television, and music... so why isn't there one for books?

Announcing the Quill Awards!

A new type of award show exclusively to celebrate the last year in Young Adult fiction. It will boast all aspects of a traditional award show: awkward banter, fancy clothes, signature statuettes, and all other attributes we both love and mock. What makes this "new" is that this award show will not take place at some fancy venue, but rather it will be filmed at multiple dates in multiple locations, and then edited to form one cohesive show.

You can expect appearances from many of your favorite bloggers and authors, as well as industry professionals and maybe even some special guest entertainers. It will truly be a time to honor all aspects of the YA community. It will be quirky and homey, but hopefully also interesting and well done. The show will air late June/ early July at a date to be determined. The final list of nominees will be posted on April 26th.

You can click on our "About" page to learn how this idea unfolded, or visit the "Category" page to see the specific criteria for the seventeen awards we will be giving out (yes, there will be a physical award). We've even put together "The Coterie," our version of The Academy. This page will be updated soon with information about the members. Right now you can visit that page for a little insight into our process.

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If you are a member of the YA industry (blogger, vlogger, publisher, or author), or a reader who creates songs or videos about anything YA, and you would like to get involved, please email us using the icon in the upper right.